Physical and mechanical test

AMSE Charpy & Izod Impact tester

AMSE offers a complete range of instruments for polymer testing according to Charpy and Izod methods.

AMSE Ball Drop Impact Tester XJB-30

AMSE Ball Drop is compliant with the method described in ISO 7765-85,ASTM D1709 and other equivalents.

Environmental Stress Cracking (ESCR)

Environmental Stress Cracking is the main breakage cause of  plastic components.

Apparent density

Instrument is used to determine the apparent density of granules and powders. It is suitable for quality control of raw materials.

Full Notch Creep Tester Mod. XQB

Instrument is used to determine the resistance of polyethylene samples according to the standards ISO 16770, ISO 899, ISO 3501 and other equivalents.

Elmendorf Tear Tester mod. SKZ156B

Used to measure the tearing force of plastic films according to the Elmendorf method in accordance with international standards ASTM D 1922, ASTM D 1424, ASTM D 5734, ISO 1974, ISO 9290 and other equivalent.

Film Impact Tester mod. SKZ 146

The instrument is used to determine impact force on plastic films according to ASTM D3420.


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