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for material testing

AMSE is a company operating in the field of material characterization (with particular attention to polymers), specialized in the supply of material testing , measuring systems and technical services aimed at serving research and development (R&D) and quality control (QC) departments.

Thanks to the commitment of our qualified engineers and to their knowledge of the instrumental needs of industrial and academic laboratories, AMSE is an experienced partner able to offer:

  • High quality standards

    All our manufacturing processes (calibration, maintenance, training) respect quality and efficiency   protocols. Also our product measurement systems are compliant with international standards (ISO, ASTM and other equivalents) and with european safety standards.

  • Technological innovation

    Thanks to constant research and technological upgrading, AMSE offers innovative instrumentation systems designed to support the customer’s growth and competitiveness in the market.

  • Customer satisfaction

    We are totally focused on customer satisfaction with staff, solutions and dedicated services. Our main objective is to assist the customer step by step.

    rispetto delle norme di sicurezza vigenti in Europa.

  • Flexible organization

    Our technical staff is trained, equipped and put in a position to find the solutions and to satisfy customer’s request, timely and completely.

Full range of instruments

for quality control (QC) and research & development (R&D) on various materials

AMSE offers a full range of instruments and measuring system for activities like Quality Control (QC) and Research & Development (R&D) in the industrial and academic laboratories on various materials like composites, metals, rubbers, leather, adhesives, paper and others.


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