AMSE is a company set up by a team of engineers with a sound experience built up in the fields of Material Science and analytical Chemistry. AMSE personnel has a deep knowledge of the requirements and needs of R&D and Quality Control departments in industrial and academic laboratories.

AMSE offers a wide range of instruments and measurement systems for industrial laboratories and academic activities for quality control (QC) and research and development (R&D) materials and products such as polymers, composites, metals, elastomers, leather and textiles, adhesives, paper and others.

Brands and products distributed AMSE

Shimadzu Partner Amse

Testing & Inspection Machines
  • Dynamometers for testing tension, compression, bending to other static tests
  • Used for dynamic fatigue testing
  • Vickers microhardness
  • Particle size analyzers (grain laser)
  • Analytical Balances, precision, thermal balances

LabTech Partner Amse

Laboratory Polymer Processing Machines
  • Calenders (two roll mill)
  • Mixers
  • Hydraulic presses hot
  • Extruders single screw and twin-screw
  • Laboratory equipment for film production in foil and bubble
  • Systems of co-extrusion film production in multiple layers

  • Tools for rheological tests: Melt Flow Tester (Melt Index), capillary rheometer
  • Instruments for mechanical tests: Charpy and Izod pendulum, tube test, tear tester, compression presses for packaging, die cutting machines and dies, ball drop, falling weight impact testers for determining the coefficient of friction (COF )
  • Thermal test: HDT Vicat 2 to 6 independent test stations, heating baths for thermal conditioning of the specimens for determining the brittleness temperature of transition from ductile to brittle (for polymers)
  • Systems for fire tests: cabin flammability, oxygen index and temperature, optical density of smoke, determination of carbon black
  • Tools for electrical testing: teraohmetro, dielectric constant (Qmetro), dielectric strength, ignition temperature (glow wire), tracking index
  • Muffle furnaces, stoves
LabThink Partner Amse

Manufacturers of testing equipments
  • Laboratory instruments for the determination of characteristics of packaging materials
  • Permeability of water vapor, oxygen and air
  • Coefficient of friction
  • Tear resistance
  • Film thickness
  • Soldering temperature of the film
Imatek Partner Amse

Impact Testing and Polymers Rheology
  • Falling weight impact Testers
  • Capillary Rheometer
LabelByk Partner Amse

Instruments for Polymer Testing
  • Portable and benchtop spectrophotometers for color measurement and lightness
  • Glossmeters
  • Walk in light

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Shimadzu Partner Amse
Presents the new U.T.M.
table mono-column series

EZ Test

EZ Test
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Shimadzu Partner Amse
Presents the new Micro Vickers
Hardness Tester


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Labtech Partner Amse

System of co-extrusion film
to 5 layers in blister

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Labtech Partner Amse

the new Ultra Micro
Film Blowing Line

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Labtech Partner Amse

New 9-Layers Co-Ex film blowing line for Lab

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